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Pride did an article on draft needs this week. Their candidates

IOL - Reiter and Kilgore are in the last year of their contract. LDT is coming off a year off. Rankin is just coming back from a major injury. 
OT - Fisher and Schwartz are both over 30 and at the end of contracts. Remmer 
DE - Okafor, Taco, TK are in their last year. 
WR - Sammy and DRob are in their final year. Sammy is probably too pricy. 

On the other side of these, TK may re-sign. Wharton and Danna both look like the real deal on the DL. Sammy may be gone, but Hardman is coming into his third year and Robinson may re-sign. Niang should be 100% at OT, though that only covers one side. None of these positions will lack continuity. We would be drafting for youth, depth and upside. On the plus side, this is another great WR draft and strong on both lines. 

My contribution is TE. Kelce is now 30 and neither of his backups inspire confidence. Unfortunately, this is not a good TE draft. Two elite players will go first round, but then there is a big gap. Maybe three more in the top 100. The best chances are 3rd to 5th round.

This is the list of contracts expiring in 2021. Starters are bolded.

Alex Okafor
Daniel Sorensen
Sammy Watkins
Damien Wilson
Austin Reiter
Tanoh Kpassagnon
Bashaud Breeland

Demarcus Robinson
Darrel Williams
Ben Niemann
Charvarius Ward
Anthony Sherman
Kelechi Osemele
Mike Remmers
Byron Pringle
Alex Brown
Andrew Wylie
Deon Yelder
Mike Pennel
Antonio Hamilton
Le'Veon Bell
Ricky Seals-Jones
Taco Charlton
Darius Harris
Tim Ward
Nick Keizer

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We have a decent MLB. I know Hitchens is not your favorite player, but get real. He is at least decent on a standard of playoff teams.

Pride did an article on overpaid/underpaid players. No surprise, our day #3/UDFA rookies are the underpaid group. Sneed, Danna and Wharton already make this a fine draft. The interesting name in the overpaid list is Austin Reiter. He's a solid C, but you want more for a guy in the top 15 of you cap hits. We have seen some promising things from Kilgore and Allegretti, but Kilgore is over 30 and on a one year contract. Allegretti has experience and practice time at C, but has not yet taken a game snap there. 


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Yeah I’m good with Hitchens,   He’s definitely not an All-Pro but he has been much better this year.    Not worth his contract, but far from an issue.  

Should be noted the number of Lb’s that impact the run and pass is very low around the league.  Hitchens is sufficient for now,  but wouldn’t mind bringing in another OLB next year. 

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Ogbah was really good for us. It was too bad he got hurt. Still, that made room for TK, who owns it now. If there is a better pair of DEs than TK and Shark, I don't know who it would be.

What's scary is how good Danna has to be to crack the logjam at #2. Likewise, Wharton is emerging as the first DT off the bench. 

I'm glad Fuller and Ogbah got rings. Mike Weber, one of the PS players, sold his ring for more than $70K and it's a only a "replica" ring, of which the Chiefs distributed almost 700. 


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1 hour ago, chiefs82 said:

I’d put CB on the list still Breeland is a FA, Ward is also a FA? 

We’ll have to see how Sneed looks when he comes back

Ward is a RFA,  he’ll be back.  It’s a need,  but I don’t see it as a huge need.    Fenton, Ward, Snead.   Not sure what they have in Keyes,  but Alex Brown is also a guy who will be back and had solid snaps in the playoffs last year.   

I say this, not really caring how the FO handles the CB position.  Spags knows how to put his CB’s in the best position to succeed regardless of talent level. 

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I really want OL. Not picky about where. Between the eventual departures of Fisher and Schwartz, and the year to year decay of our interior OL in free agency, I really want the team to bolster there. I miss the years of Hudson and Morse.

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I miss the years of Waters, Wiegmann and Shields. Stuff changes.

Drafting another Hudson would simplify a lot. I had not realized how pricy Reiter had become. That said, we have Allegretti and Yasir Durant. The shelf already has a couple of young guys in case Kilgore, Osemele, LDT, et al are not available. 



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18 hours ago, Jakuvious said:

I really want OL. Not picky about where. Between the eventual departures of Fisher and Schwartz, and the year to year decay of our interior OL in free agency, I really want the team to bolster there. I miss the years of Hudson and Morse.

Ditto,  they need hit OL early and a couple times late.     

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There is an article on five players in the last year of their Contracts--Tanoh Kpassagnon, Daniel Sorenson, Sammy Watkins, Damien Wilson, Austin Reiter.

TK needs to be re-signed and Sammy is almost certainly gone. Those are known situations. This leaves three non-star players. 

Sorenson is getting older and he is a key piece of the special teams. We likely they want him back and he should be affordable, but a future replacement is worth a late pick.
Wilson has been our most consistent LB, but we drafted Gay to play his position. He may re-sign cheap or we may part ways. In either case, we don't need to draft a player. We can add Ben Niemann because his contract is also up. 
Reiter has been discussed above. He's not cheap and he's not good enough to re-sign unless he takes a cut. Either way, this is a position to have on the need list.

I am putting the whole list of expiring contracts in OP. It's worth noting that both Schwartz and Fisher have contracts expiring in 2022.


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7 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

Question to anyone who can answer. If we sign Deandre Baker to a one year contract, would we get a compensatory pick if someone signs him as a FA?


He’s mostly like an ERFA, or RFA.    We’d still have option years on him.    He hasn’t had enough service time to leave on his own. 

Edit:  But no we wouldn’t, if we chose not to pick up the options.    

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