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Week 11 COVID-19 News

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3 minutes ago, BlaqOptic said:

Also, as I’ve said all year long... maybe we can stop praising the NFL for its “plan.” Reporters were so quick to praise the league in Week 1 as if they had really done something in comparison to other leagues.

I mean the NFL never had a great plan but they were always going to be worse off with just the amount of players/personnel they have compared to other sports. When the NBA starts up in a few weeks, they to will have issues just not to this extent. If you don't have a controlled bubble where there is no travel, then this is what is going to happen. 

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So just to recap.....

1.   Driskel tested positive.  

2.  None of our QB wore masks at the meetings.    This is a black and white, must follow rule.    Because you can’t tell who might be infected.   

3.   We didn’t have a QB separated just for situations like these.  

It sucks but the org dropped the ball here.     We should either play without them or forfeit.  

If this happened to the other team we’d be insisting they play or forfeit.    No way our org should get a break.   They F’d this up in a massive way.  

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1 minute ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

At this point just forfeit the game. Denver is going to lose, all you're doing by playing this game is risking injuries for money.

But...I mean....we all know the NFL doesn't care about player safety anyways, so have fun getting injured in a pointless game!

Silly take. Every game carries injury risk. We don't just skip late season games that don't matter. I guess teams shouldn't practice because they might get injured.

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