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Bakh signs extension (4 years, 23M AAV)

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3 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

Long story short, they're borrowing money from future years to make up for the lost income this year.  Basically, you'll see the salary cap go up slower than it would otherwise until it pays off the deficit.  They've got the same salary cap as the previous season for the upcoming season.

Thanks.  That is what I thought they did, but I don't follow the cap specifics in the NBA.

Absolutely feel the NFL will do something similar.  Flat cap for 2021 and flat or small increase in 2022, then a decent jump in 2023.

NBA at least had like 2/3 of their fan revenue from regular season.  NFL is going to get like 5-10% at most it feels like.  I think that fan/ticket revenue in game is like 30-40% of total revenue for the NFL.

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