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AFC South and AFC playoffs

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9 hours ago, Wyld Stallyns said:

Stupid Steelers are going to lose tonight and actually get revenge on us next week😡

The game this weekend has some huge implications.  But in the end, if the Colts win out they are in the playoffs.  And not to say the  Steelers won't be tough but they have lost three in a row and two of those losses have been to not very good football teams.

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On 11/15/2020 at 4:10 PM, Wyld Stallyns said:

AFC South 

1 - Titans 10-5 (Texans) 

2 - Colts 10-5 (Jaguars) 

3 - * Texans 4-11 (Titans) 

4 - * Jaguars 1-14 (Colts) 

AFC Playoffs

Division Leaders 

West  - Chiefs 14-1 Z

North - Steelers 12-3 Y 

East - Bills 11-3 Y + 

West - Titans 10-5 *

Wild Cards

1. Dolphins 10-5 

2. Ravens 10-5

3. Browns 10-5 


1. Colts 10-5 


Eliminated (Based on 7 team playoff proposal) 

1. Raiders 7-8  

2. Patriots 6-8 *

3. Chargers 6-9

4. Broncos 5-10  

5. Bengals 4-10-1

6. Texans 5-11

7. Jets 2-13 

8. Jaguars 1-14 



Z - 1st round bye

Y - Clinched division title 

X- clinched playoffs

+ week 16 game not yet played 

* Hold advantage over Colts for division title

Colts need to win and have any of the other 4 10-5 teams lose 

Week 17 

Jaguars at Colts 

Dolphins at Bills

Ravens at Bengals 

Steelers at Browns 

Titans at Texans 

good news is the Colts and Browns are the only ones at home

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