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Week Ten Recap: Turner solid at RT as Packers beat Jags

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2 hours ago, HighCalebR said:

88 wasn't ready for the lights. Turner and Lewis create a giant vacuum off a double team, 88 just needs to hit a downblock and whiffs, proceeds to whiff on 3 more blocks in a short period of time lol, TFL.

MVS sneaks into space between zones against C2 in the scramble drill. Not a huge play but it's showing some headyness.

Jamaal in pass pro. Is nice.

Running the 4 man front of Preston, DLINEMAN, Clark, Zadarius. I like. Created pressure and a turnover.

Savage's burst is something. mans can shoot gap

Feeel like Hollman should jump to 4. Really good #5. Jackson isn't doing bad per se. I just like Hollmans game.  Like I've got a tentative optimism if it comes down to JA, Chandon and Hollman next year.

Chandon is really playing ball. he should be talked about more. Just a football player. Jackson is the opposite of this.

Oren needs to find an exit door.

Equanimeous got a bump in snap count. He's out there quite a bit. He's going to turn the corner the last quarter of the season. i can feel it in my bones.

When Kenny gets a breather Pett stuck Z at stand up nose.

Burks as a spy rusher in the pressure package. nothing to say about it. just noting. Also EDGE reps...

This is the stat line that happens when MVS consistently catches balls.  It's all on him to make the consistency.. consistent.

Because I was that guy.. Billy Turner made some real nice reach blocks that never got talked about on the TV. Their LB's are quite good.. but the OL had a solid day overall. Wish a couple more lanes opened up.. but it happens.

Rodgers int.. that guy should not have been underneath that. If Rodgers sees that defender he puts that ball over the top of MVS and it's a big play. just unfortunate Rodgers didnt see him.

Savage is a nice robber.  erased a junk motion to flat. things that dont get talked about.

Raven should be fighting for his life against Kamal for snaps.

Dunlap got tons of love for his game ending sack against the Cardinals. Gary, Preston and Z called game for us on their last possession.

Overall Pettine flexed his muscle in this game. in a game where we lost the turnover battle, field position and had a ST TD against -this game still always felt in control, thats a recipe for a L and we pulled through by defense. Idk if Pett just didnt respect Luton by the end of the game but he shut it down the last two series. Need to see more of that D.

Good thoughts ... need Pettine to play man to man with our healthy secondary and get after Rivers.  Play zone and he'll pick us apart so get aggressive.  

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