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BDL 2020 Week 10 - Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Singapore Sentinels


Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Singapore Sentinels  

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BDL 2020 Week 10

Match: Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Singapore Sentinels

Away Owner: @Pickle Rick

Home Owner: @SirA1


Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Offensive Starters:
QB - Lamar Jackson
WR1 - Stefon Diggs
WR2 - Antonio Brown 
WR3 (Slot1) - Chris Godwin
WR4 (Slot2) - Ceedee Lamb
LT - Bryan Bulaga (Q)
LG - Dakota Dozier 
C - Ryan Kelly
RG - Germain Ifedi
RT - Brandon Shell
Power T - Tytus Howard 

Offensive Bench:
RB1 - Todd Gurley
RB2 - Cam Akers
RB3 - Alexander Mattison
OG3 - DJ Fluker
OT4 - Cam Robinson
TE1 - Jimmy Graham
WR5 - Tre'quan Smith 
QB2 - Tua Tagovailoa


Defensive Starters:
LDE - DeForest Buckner
NT - Jaleel Johnson 
RDE - Frank Clark
LILB1 - Roquan Smith 
RILB2 - Demario Davis
ROLB2 - Harold Landry
CB1 - Joe Haden
CB2 - Marshon Lattimore 
SS - Nasir Adderley 
FS - Jabril Peppers

Defensive Bench:
Slot CB3: Jeff Okudah
Dime CB4 - Charvarius Ward
LB5 - Myles Jack
DE3 - Josh Sweat
DT2 - Jaleel Johnson
DT3 - Jordan Elliott
DT4 - B.J. Hill
FS - Anthony Harris

Singapore Sentinels

QB: Tom Brady
RB1: Kareem Hunt (60%)
WR1: Keenan Allen (90%)
WR2: Mecole Hardman (70%)
WR3: Gabriel Davis (30%)
TE1: Darren Waller (85%)
LT: Duane Brown
LG: Bradley Bozeman 
C.Eric McCoy 
RG: Wyatt Teller
RT: Jack Conklin
RB2: CEH (40%)
RB3: James Conner (20%)
TE2: Darren Fells (30%)
WR4: Cole Beasley (30%)
WR5:  Darnell Mooney (30%) 
WR5: Anthony Miller (15%)
OL6: Matt Feiler 
OL7: Nate Davis

DE: Hasson Reddick (80%)
DT: Aaron Donald (90%)
DT: Fletcher Cox (80%)
DE: Preston Smith (60%)
MLB: Deion Jones (100%)
WLB: Kevin Pierre-Louis (70%)
CB: Kyle Fuller (100%)
CB: Rashad Fenton (85%)
NCB: Jonathan Jones (70%)
S: John Johnson III (100%)
S: Desmond King II (80%)
DL3: Bilal Nichols (30%)
DE3: Robert Quinn (35%)
DE4: Markus Golden (25%)
LB3: Andrew Van Ginkel (25%)
LB4: Justin Hollins (20%)
CB4: Lonnie Johnson (40%)
S3: Shawn Williams (10%)
S4: Ryan Neal (10%)

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Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Motivation: Looking to build on that huge win last week against WSR.  We have the playoffs in our sights and are using that as huge motivation this week.  

Personnel Changes: Big changes again on offense. We are inserting Antonio Brown into the starting lineup in lieu of a RB on a lot of formations.  This leaves our power tackle in the game to help slide protection where needed.  Having Brown in shifts Godwin to his natural position of slot.  

Offensive Formations: We will be attacking Singapore this week with a lot of 4 WR/3OT formations (removing the tight end and RB).  Our WR's are so elite that we like having the extra blocker on pass plays and a much better run blocker when we run.  

Tempo: LJ plays much better in the uptempo style so we are gonna play extremely fast this game.  

Playcalling Distribution: 70% pass and 30% run 

Run Scheme: our runs will focus on power running with a large amount of traps, counter traps, pulling sweeps (RB and QB), pulling counter sweeps (RB and QB), read options and options.  These plays are going to focus on the outside where the 2 tackles have an easier time doubling the Singapore ends and getting to the second level.  On runs from an empty set we will motion Godwin down to the line to provide extra blocking (something Godwin excels at and does a lot of on TB).  The runs from the empty back sets will focus on getting LJ to the edge where the double team is at, while looking for any cut back lanes he can find.  

Audibles: screens and slants will mostly be our check down plays to move out of poorly called pass plays.  If LJ recognizes blitz pre-snap he will look to check into a screen/quick slant play.  We will have a number of variations of the screens, even WR screens to Lamb and Godwin we will use.

Passing: we are going to be playing a lot with 4 WR and no backs.  We will look to spread out Singapore as much as possible providing scrambling/running lanes for LJ.  We will look to utilize slants, posts, and crossing routes layered to exploit our advantage in the Singapore-DB matchups.  Using an extra T  more will help in pass blocking and to shift protection on blitzes.  When we use our RB's, they will be used 30/70 in helping chip/block anything that gets through and faking that and slipping out to be a check down outlet or running a number of wheel routes.  When we run the wheel routes we will clear out the one side of the field with crossing/slants moving everything to the opposite side of the field and Gurley or Akers will be the primary target on the wheel route to the freed up side.  Brown starting on the outside allowsi Godwn to shift to the slot.  We will look to take some deep shots to Brown and Diggs with Godwin and Lamb manning the underneath routes.  We look to target Godwin a lot out of his slot position.   

Playaction and RPO's: these will consist more of fake runs by LJ after we have had him run a few QB sweeps.  We will even look to have him fake the QB sweep and throw back opposite the movement to catch over plays on the back end. 

Defense Base Formation: playing a base 3-4 man defense this week. 
Playstyle: going with 3-4 as our base D this week as it will give us a better opportunity to get pressure on Brady and cover the receivers.  We will use a higher percentage of zone whether in 3-4, nickle or dime.  We will look to disguise this by showing man and blitzes before falling back to cover on the snap.  Playing more zone and disguising the look will hopefully take away all of the short/quick/underneath passes that Brady likes. 

Run defense.  We will be using our 3-4 d to load up the box tight to the line on clear run plays and big formations.  Runs blitzes will be heavy on big formations and early downs.  We want to get penetration and blow up the plays before they get started.

Passing Defense: we think if we take away the quick/underneath/short passing game from Brady that we can win the game. So as much as we can, we will be showing man/blitz and fall back into an underneath zone.

Singapore Sentinels

Motivation - We are on to Antarctica!

Offensive Strategy
Formations:  3-4 WR (70%)/ 2 TE (15%)/ 2 RB (15%)
Scheme:  Pass (50%) vs Run (50%)

Hunt will get the start this week. CEH and Conner will spell him and Conner will handle short yardage/goal line plays. Hunt and CEH are threats both in the run game and passing game out of the backfield or in the slot. We will use outside zone runs to stretch the Beasts  DL out and set up the pass for Brady with some play action. The versatility of our offensive weapons allows them to line up in multiple spots and give Brady a quick out to move the ball.  

We are dialing back the 21 personnel this week and mainly will use the second RB in motion into the slot. Waller will occasionally get a Jet Sweep.sprinkled in this week to use his ability to break tackles and get tough yards to keep the chains moving. We will be using more 2 TE sets this week to run behind as well.

We are continuing to open up the passing game this week. We will spread them out so get favorable matchups with LB’s on WR’s. Starting out in a base 11 personnel of 3 WR, Gabriel Davis and Mecole Hardman on the outsides along with slot WR Kennan Allen to be Tom’s main weapons this week. We know this passing game runs through Allen and Waller but Gabriel has earned more playing time. He is a playmaker that can take it to the house on any play.

Tom will assess the defense and use his incredible processing power to get the ball out quickly. Beasley and Hardman are both solid intermediate targets that have the capability to make the most with their catches. In 4 WR sets Darnell Mooney brings speed, speed, speed,  to go along with Allen and Hardman’s route running skills. Hardman and Mooney stretch the field for deep shots to keep the Beasts on their toes. In 2 TE sets Darren Fells can be an extra blocker or RedZone target. Miller rounds out the receiving Corps to give the other guys some rest from running up and down the field on Antarctica.

Defensive Strategy
Formation:  4-2-5 Defense / 3-3-5 / 3-2-6
Our main defensive formation will consist of the 4-2-5 (Nickle). In my opinion, this formation is putting our best 11 on the field thus giving our defense the best chance to contain Jackson.

Rush Defense
Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox clog the middle and get penetration this week to collapse the pocket on Jackson. Lamar Jackson is also a threat to run and we expect him to do so this week with RPO’s etc. Kevin Pierre-Louis will spy on Jackson this week to limit his yards to something manageable. Deion Jones will focus on keeping Gurley corralled. Nichols will rotate in to keep our dynamic interior duo fresh. Van Ginkel will come in versus heavy run sets if the decide to go that way.

Pass Rush
Haason Reddick and Preston Smith will set the edges and we will be dialing up blitz packages this week to force Jackson to throw quickly and not give his receivers time to develop their routes. So we’ll look to exploit things by keeping the pressure on for the bulk of the game with a safety blitz or the LB spying on Jackson putting pressure on him as well. The depth off the bench in Quinn and Golden will make sure that Jackson has no time and nowhere to run all day. 

Pass Defense - Scheme:  Cover 2 Man 
Diggs is the clear WR1 and will draw coverage from Kyle Fuller with help from John Johnson over the top. We are confident that our secondary is up to the task of preventing this passing game from developing. Godwin will be covered by Fenton and Jonathan Jones will lock down Lamb in the slot. Desmond King will have deep coverage this week with relief from Ryan Neal and Shawn Williams. If Brown comes in as a WR4 King will cover him with Lonnie Johnson coming in for Dime situations and take over deep coverage.

Coverage Assignments:
·        Stefon Diggs / Kyle Fuller - CB + John Johnson S
·        Chris Godwin / Rashad Fenton CB
·        Ceedee Lamb / Jonathan Jones - CB
·        Antonio Brown / Desmond King - S

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Maybe the offense will get some traction this week. My starting OL through 10 weeks has only given up 4 sacks. I don't think that has ever happened for me before.



QB: Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders
RB: Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
WR: Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills
WR: Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers
TE: Richard Rodgers, Philadelphia Eagles
FLEX: D’Andre Swift, Detroit Lions
LT: Duane Brown, Seattle Seahawks
LG: Quenton Nelson, Indianapolis Colts
😄 Ryan Kelly, Indianapolis Colts
RG: Wyatt Teller, Cleveland Browns
RT: Jack Conklin, Cleveland Browns

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I think both of these offenses have issues.

With Singapore, I am still scratching my head at the refusal to start CEH, the best RB on their roster and beyond Allen their WRs are average.

However Singapore also has a good QB and OL imo.

On the flip side, AKB has an above average RB and good WRs, not ready to call them elite but at any rate.. However they've got a QB that well, hasn't played well against good competition this year and an OL that is suspect at best. Ifedi is gonna get eaten alive by whatever DT goes plowing into him. Shell is, imo, Seattle's biggest RL liability, and Dozier tonight, had a real rough go at it for sure. 


I really don't like the heavy 4 WR sets attempting to pass with Lamar or run the ball with Gurley sitting on the bench. Singapore gameplanned specifically for the run, but obviously has a good plan for the pass as well. But AKB basically made Singapore job of shutting down Lamar easy by keeping Gurley on the bench. On top of that, 70% passing against a Dline that is gonna eat your guards for breakfast lunch and dinner... probably not your best gameplan of the season. Even with all that talent at WR, Lamar will never have time to throw the ball.

AKB struggles in this one imo 

31-7 Singapore 

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I like AKB getting risky and mixing it up, but affording the defense an insight into the offense and cutting out half of what they would need to prepare for would make it extremely difficult to get anything going against this defensive line, even with an extra blocker on the edge, considering Sing's best pass rush comes from inside the pocket. 

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The Plays

Jason McCourty helps Jonathan Jones beat Lamar Jackson to the spot

This play screamed unsung hero to me. First and foremost, beating Lamar Jackson in a foot race may be the most impressive thing a defender can do on the field so credit to Jonathan Jones. The reason he even has a chance though is because of Jason McCourty, who takes out a 310-pound guard, giving Jones a free path. That is high IQ and flat out talent combining to make a big-time play. The Ravens also happened to botch the snap on the next play to give New England the ball at their 37-yard line. A beautiful sequence.

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10 hours ago, pheltzbahr said:

I think last week's JUmbo 3 WR base played more to LJs stregths and style.  Don't like him in a heavy pass 4 WR base, that's a disaster waiting to happen imo.


3 hours ago, bcb1213 said:

Biggest issue with six o linemen here is basically you just made another qb spy.  Antartica will hit a deep shot or two but that's not gonna be enough. Give me sings 

I agree with these points. When Jackson would look to scramble, he's not going to have as much space.

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10 hours ago, pheltzbahr said:

I think last week's JUmbo 3 WR base played more to LJs stregths and style.  Don't like him in a heavy pass 4 WR base, that's a disaster waiting to happen imo.


3 hours ago, bcb1213 said:

Biggest issue with six o linemen here is basically you just made another qb spy.  Antartica will hit a deep shot or two but that's not gonna be enough. Give me sings 

I agree with these.  

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