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Titans Playoff Watch (Again...smh) 2020

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started this in game thread but got carried away..

While I do not ignore the trend of loosing 3 out of 4 I also have a tendency to look at the glass half full a lot...    for example.. the colts game really turned a lot of people off of the titans into thinking they are a "bad" team.   These type of games happen all the time even to good teams or great teams even... there is a reason NO team sense Miami has gone undefeated..   

Like this game coming up..   I think we are the better team but that does not mean that I think we "have to win". Baltimore is a more of a must win then we are and there are a lot of circumstances at play, the way we embarrassed them in the playoffs.. how bad they played last week.. these can lead to Baltimore playing one of their best games of the year against us.. and can also lead to them getting the little breaks that happen during the game that can make the difference between winning and loosing.   Personally I feel we should play a better game and not make so many silly mistakes.  Yes our D is a worry, Lewis is not effective at all and personally I think for one reason or another most of his problems stem from being in the wrong position to make a play way too many times.  Our secondary struggles a lot, and while I feel that is mostly due to missing players, it is fools gold to figure things will be fine when those players return. Bad habits are hard to break once they start happening.   Still all of my worry is on the defensive side of the ball. On the offensive side unless our OL injuries continue to mount and there is no sign of anyone returning we will be fine.

Still a glance at the upcoming schedule is important.. 

we have a number of tough games that we could loose even if we play better then we did against the colts...

ravens, colts, browns, lions, Packers ...  Now we should be able to handle the browns and lions, though the passing game of the lions is a worry.  Packers, they struggle at times with the D.. and their O is odd.. they barely just beat 

we are in trouble if we loose to Jags and Texans.  

so.....   we win the return match with colts...  I can almost plan on us winning that game...  beat the browns Jags texans..   we are now 10-6 hopefully won the division unless the colts can beat either Pitts or Packers while not loosing to Raiders and am playing a home playoff game..   

Sense I don't see us winning out.. it is possible though as the this ravens game and the packers game are our toughest and both of those are more then winnable even a 3rd seed seems out, though the bills loss to AZ opens that door a bit as KC and Pitts are too entrenched as 1-2.

Thus in my mind a division win 3 seed is a best option with a 11-5 record. Bills can get to 11-5 also if they loose to Pitts and one of MIami, NE. I don't see them loosing to SF, Chargers or Denver.. so yeah..   we might even need a 12-4 to get to 3rd seed and that is a crazy to think at this point.. 

THUS looking at that I have FIVE games circled in red in my mind...




CLEV - kinda must win for tie breaker...

DET - kinda must win if loose to CLEV

then.. wins against Ravens or Packers are gravy... and can open door to let down against any of the above except COLTS...

The one thing that worries me a little is that there are a lot of 6-3 teams..

Bills... I see 11-5 easy peasy for them... we win a 10-6 tie breaker over Bills...   

Raiders..   11-5 is easy peasy for them as well..  toughest games they have   KC.. then colts miami

miami...  9-7 is real easy for them.. . includes loss to raiders above... a 10-6 Miami team holds tiebreaker 

Browns.. 10-6 is real easy.. but that includes loosing to us.. so we have tie breaker over a 10-6 Browns

almost forgot..

Ravens.. I see 11-5 even if we beat them unless they loose to the Browns...  then browns go 11-5  and in that CASE..    things get interesting.. 

WE still might be the third wild card  but only have the tie breaker over Ravens at that point.. 


Colts 11-5

us 10-6 and tied with Miami and Raiders for final two spots.  or Miami and or Raiders for final spot.

Anything else 10-6 should put us IN... 

if we get to 10-6 and our losses include DET and GB then everything changes...  10-6 puts us IN for sure and we have the tie breaker over everyone with only 4 conference losses.. everyone else at least 5.... 

so yes I guess...  we win these games RAVENS, COLTS, BROWNS, and one game against JAGS or TEXANS we are in as a wild card probably.. win all of those 5 and its a LOCK.. 


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Said this in the GAME DAY THREAD.

I think we should stop waiting for Adoree to come back. Even if he does, we gotta be realaitic. He hasn't played football since what? January?
Only practiced 3 weeks or so and even then it was spotty, some days off. 

Adoree was good NFL starter. He wasn't lockdown, even when completely healthy. 

We should stop counting on Adoree or figuring him into our plans for the season. 

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While I understand the lack of hope regarding Adoree and no I am not expecting the A1 version of Adoree I still have to look at things in a positive light. When I evaluate what I see in the field and the players I look at what happened and what needs to improve and a reasonable expectation for that improvement to happen.  In this case I see multiple players out of position and not making the plates we expect.  Well one answer that quickly comes to mind is move those players back to their comfort zone where they performed the best and to do that we need Adoree back.   So in my mind we want to see improvement on the D first step get adores back go from there.  I don’t know the answer to Evans the other huge whole in our D.  Getting him back playing close to the LOS seems the answer so I also help the trickle down effect of Adoree and Fulton back improve our coverage in the intermediate areas and Byrd no longer had to be worried about covering deep as much and can give help in the areas Evans is being asked to help so he know can play closer to the LOS. 

this is how I approach things.   I never look at the game and say okay what’s the worst that can happen today instead.   Hmm today CD will last liked he did beginning this year. AJ like the last two and will not drop a early TD.  Our OL will go through a game without injuries and Ben Jones and Kelly will soon be back. 

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