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DeAndre Baker

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7 hours ago, Tony7188 said:

If he does want out, I could understand. Dallas has wasted so many careers in the past 15 years it’s a shame. Romo, Ware, Witten, Dez, Frederick, Murray, Newman, Lee and soon to be Tyron/Zeke (imo). 

I’m a fan of “blowing it up” and starting over with a rebuild. We aren’t close to seriously contending. 

My friend a 25 year sample size of absolute futility has me convinced we are never going to be a contender.  I'm not angry about it or losing sleep over it.  I am resigned to the fact that some franchises just aren't going to win.  I mean we have not been close to a championship in a quarter century!  That puts us in some dubious company.  If I'm a player, and my top priority is winning, Dallas is one of the last places I would want to be.  I'm tired of the hype.  I'm tired of some bargain basement free agent is going to be the answer.  I'm tired of being the annual offseason champs.  The remarkable thing is despite being the poster child for mediocrity the franchise is one of, if not the most valuable in the world.  For that Jerry is a genius.  He also needs to be very thankful for an extremely loyal fan base.  His acumen as a football executive leaves something to be desired.

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