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Week 11: Miami Dolphins (6-3) @ Denver Broncos (3-6)

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Positives from Broncos Game:

- X had another pick 

- Raekwon Davis continues to make me eat crow.  Dude is an absolute force in the run game.  Imagine if we actually had a MLB that could make a play after Davis did his thing to disrupt things?

- Tua made a beautiful throw to Parker for that TD early on

Unfortunately, that was about it.

Negatives from Broncos Game:

- Oline played absolutely terrible.  Easily the worst they've played all year.  Horrific.

- Tua played his worst game, maybe ever.  The Oline certainly didn't help, and the receivers weren't killing it out there in getting open, but he was just "off".  He missed a few throws that he normally makes.  He held onto the ball too long a few times.  While I love that he protects the ball, I wouldn't be adverse to him taking a few more chances every once in awhile.  

- Where was the pass rush?  It was completely nonexistant.

- Van Noy and Lawson had poor games in setting the edge in the run game as well, and we got gashed there.  

- It's nothing new, but our pathetic MLB play was highlighted time and time again in run defense.  

- Tua should not have been benched, despite how poorly he was playing.  Really disagree with that call.

- And on that note, that was a pretty bad game by Flo/Gailey.  They were outcoached  all day.  

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