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2021 NFL Head Coaching Candidates

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3 hours ago, ronjon1990 said:

Given the disaster the Cowboys have been under McCarthy and Jerry's reputation for meddling, I think Garrett gets another crack at it pretty soon. 

I've personally never been enamored with the Cowboys or their roster the way some have. I always felt like Garrett overachieved almost as often as he underachieved when you take the goggles off. I'd like to see what he can do without Jerry Jones all up in his business. Not to come across as a Garrett mark or anything, I just feel like he's a hard one to get a full read on given the overall climate in Dallas. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of retread HC's who spent a long time somewhere, as that usually means they've gone stale (McCarthy, Crennell, Jackson), but there are exceptions (Reid, Rivera, Gruden). I think Garrett probably falls into the latter if we're being totally honest.

I'l love to see Garrett head to Jacksonville with a solid GM and the owner committing to spend to the cap every year.

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On 12/3/2020 at 11:47 AM, sdrawkcab321 said:

He won’t get any attention this year but chad O’Shea has been great for the browns this year. He’s their WR/passing game coordinator. His passing plays have been great. If baker was more accurate in the red zone he’d have a lot more touchdowns. 

I wish he were still with the Dolphins as offensive coordinator. Tua would be in far better shape with O'Shea designing plays to suit him. As you indicated, O'Shea's passing designs are great. Last season especially late in the year it was light years more sophisticated and unpredictable than anything the Dolphins have featured in decades. 

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