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2021 NFL Head Coaching Candidates

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16 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:


In a vacuum, this is giving me good vibes towards Nick Caserio. He's bringing guys in, smart and capable guys to have a discussion about the role. No doubt the Deshaun Watson situation is brought up and - hopefully - Watson is given updates on who these people are and how these discussions are going.

But, outside of that artificial vacuum - I can't help but to feel that Easterby is pulling a string or two to give off the impression that the team is doing their homework, but this is all smokescreen for Jerod Mayo or Josh McDaniels.

As a fan, I shouldn't feel like my team is actively lying to everyone - players, media and fans. But, here we are.

My Spidey Sense is telling me that Leslie Frazier is the fallback option, with Jim Caldwell alongside him as an Assistant HC/OC. I sincerely think the Texans are going to wait until they're done with the Eric Bienemy interview, and decide between Bienemy and the fallback option.

But, I really don't know. Irrational ownership is impossible to predict.

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14 hours ago, swoosh said:

Sign me up for King Arthur x2. Smith paired with Fontenot, Holmes, or Rick Smith sounds good to me.

I prefer Arthur Smith or even Nathaniel Hackett over Joe Brady. I honestly have no idea from an extremely limited fan's perspective, but Brady just seems like they're trying to force a hire based on a recent trend of trying to find the next McVay. The experience just isn't there. I'd obviously get behind it, but Smith and Hackett seem like better options to me. Again, what do I know? I trust the guys making the decisions, actually interviewing these candidates, and getting feedback from around the league, but that's just my ignorant take. 

I understand liking Arthur. But Joe Brady isn't just a McVay thing. He's from the Payton tree and is a guy who believes scheming to your players is what needs to be done not the other way around. 

12 hours ago, Matts4313 said:

@swoosh is a drunken mafia player, not some goof who broke Falcons posting records with 5 a month. 

Swoosh joined in like 2005. He's been here forever.

12 hours ago, swoosh said:

Crazy to think that when the Falcons forum was active I was probably just a teenager. Man, I must have been miserable to deal with. My apologies to all.

Dude, me too. It is what it is.

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