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Around the NFL: Week 11

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This weekend's games with teams we want to win to assist our tank.  
Week 11         Preferred
1pm games    Winner    Likelihood
PHI@CLE    PHI    25%
ATL@NO        ATL    50%
CIN@WAS    CIN    50%      We've proven we can lose to WAS already.
DET@CAR    CAR    50%
PIT@JAX        JAX    2%
NE@HOU    HOU    50%
MIA@DEN    DEN    25%
NYJ@LAC    LAC    99%
DAL@MIN    MIN    75%

I'm upgrading Philly's chances to 40% now that Garrett is being put on the Covid list.

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Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter· 18m

So all together, Saints’ QB Drew Brees suffered 11 rib fractures - eight on his left side, three on his right, per @WerderEdESPN.


Jesus..that’s brutal. He damn near shattered.  Sucks to be him if he sneezes or coughs. 😬

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