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Week 11 GDT: Pats visit Texans

Week 11  

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  1. 1. How many rushing yards will the Patriots accrue

    • under 50
    • 50-100
    • 100-150
    • 150-200
    • 200+
  2. 2. Does JC Jackson add to his INT total?

    • No
    • Yes
    • More than 1
    • No, but he forces another turnover
  3. 3. How are we scoring TDs?

    • Most will be rushing
    • Most will be passing
    • Most will be defensive/special teams
    • Patriots do not score any TDs

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  • Poll closed on 11/22/2020 at 06:00 PM

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Gotta be honest I expected us to beat HOU but it's not actually that hard to see why we lose games like this.


- No pass rush

- No linebacker competency whatsoever

- For some reason the secondary has lost its bite

- So that's issues on all 3 levels


- Cam isn't great at reading what's coming

- Receivers are turd, they really are. I'm not buying this blind hope for Meyers one bit.

- ZERO Tight End help whatsoever. The worst TE situation in the league, and one of the worst statistically the NFL has seen in over 5 years


Bonus: today, for some reason, the OL decided not to show up for large chunks. That's the only good thing we had....


Congrats HOU fans. All the best for the future!

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Yuck. Those batted balls, the Sack in the first half making them settle for a field goal, the inability of Cam to see or escape pressure, the insistence on rushing 3 or 4, it just wasn't great. I'm sure they could have got the run game going but they just chose not to. Even on that last drive they had time to sprinkle in more runs.

Don't think the JC Jackson clamour would have been as loud if the Pro bowl nominations came after today's game. 

All about the one score games. Still a chance to sneak in but it doesn't look realistic.

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