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Most Exiting Teams to Watch

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With the Cardinals-Seahawks matchup coming up tonight, who have been the most exiting teams to watch so far this season?

The Cardinals are always fun to watch with Murray (I don't think that's just me), but their games have been exceptionally close as well. 

What other teams are fun to watch? (Could be style of play, or just that they are always in tight games)

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K1 on my fantasy squad so he is must see TV.

Saints are fun to watch when they deploy Kamara. I enjoy watching Carolina too this year Moore and Anderson are ballers. Really the NFC South teams are fun to watch because they have home run hitters at Rb/WR.

Chiefs and Chargers in the AFC

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No team is must see TV for me except the Rams. I'll watch NFC West games occasionally to root for/against someone. I'm watching tonight only because some friends want me to watch with them - I think the Cardinals winning will be better for the Rams long term despite their superior division record because Seattle is about to play the rest of the NFC East coupled with the Jets, so I'll be rooting for them.

It's all about fantasy football for me - I like seeing my (lack of) TDs scored live. If I'm locked in a tight fantasy battle and have someone starting for a team getting beaten 41-0 in the 4th quarter, but that player is still on the field, I have literally had sweaty palms and an elevated heartbeat - watching a 41-0 beatdown. The NFL owes the creators of fantasy football half their revenue each year.

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In addition to the ones mentioned, Josh Allen and the Bills are incredibly fun to watch. Less popular choice, but I also don't mind watching Carson Wentz or Daniel Jones. I like watching offenses with a QB who really tries to make a play over those that do what's the "smart" thing and throw it away and punt. Especially if I'm not invested in the team, the high risk plays are more exciting.

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Surprisingly, the Lions have produced some really entertaining games this season (of the handful I've seen). Combination of their defense being inept enough to allow opposing offenses to get going, but their offense being competent enough to score JUST enough points to make up for the defense.

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The Seahawks have been fun to watch simply because there's no way they should be in a majority of these games, yet Russell Wilson pulls some magic out of his bum and wills the team to victory or very near within victory almost every week. Pretty fun to watch, just not if you're a fan of the team.

Aside from that, the Cardinals have been fun to watch, as have the Bills and Dolphins.

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1. Cardinals

2. Seahawks

3. Dolphins

4. Steelers

5. Raiders

6. Buccaneers

7. Bills

- Cardinals and Seahawks are like arcade offenses that are fun to watch. Murray and Wilson are super fun QBs as well. And I’m having a blast watching Metcalf this season. 

- Dolphins are really fun to watch this year. They always find a way to pull through, the defense is Top 10, their offense scores a lot of points, and Tua is very entertaining. Most of their games are super fun. 

- I’m having a ton of fun watching the Steelers D. 

- Call me a homer but I think the Raider games a ton of fun this season. Super balanced offense and most games are like 33-30. 

- Bucs have a great offense and defense, enjoy watching them a lot. Very balanced team. And I’m enjoying watching Brady play really good football on his first new team in 20 years. 

- Bills Josh Allen and their offense have been a ton of fun. 

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