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Fire Howie Thread

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Better a year before than a year late. Chances are this is going to be a good draft pick. Can’t guarantee you’ll get a top 5-8 any year and you’re staring at one now. Trade Wentz to San Fran and start over. Give Hurts a go and if he falls flat, you’ll be looking at another high pick the year after. We need so much if we are looking to compete in 2-3 years so might as well move ahead with the rebuild. We have decent offensive weapons now. They can marinate for a couple years here. Have to rebuild the OL and defensive to at least respectable. Start now though. Don’t wait for everything to wobble off the wagon. Just do it now. They can keep everything as is for this year and I won’t care. But this offseason Jeff needs to do a major overhaul. And he can’t be sheepish about it. 

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12 minutes ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Still don’t think there’s any chance we fire either of them, unfortunately. Would be a different story if we didn’t sneak into playoffs last year:

Lurie has to be meeting with doug and howie tomorrow right?

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5 minutes ago, Wentz you dog you said:

PAINNNNNNN if they both come back

I actually trust Lurie a good deal and think we’re fortunate to have him as our owner, however, even if he sees how these guys are an issue... it’s gotta be very hard to pull the plug on the guys who brought you a SB and that’s understandable. If I had to guess, Lurie will exhaust all options before he removes Howie, and 1 bad year (some would argue 3...) isn’t going to cost him his job. Howie and Doug have been bad for more than 1 year, but the fruits of that labor are only just now fully on display. 


Basically, we’ll have to see at least 1 more year of this mess, and slide deeper into incompetence, before we get our reset. Best hope is for a Howie demotion and Doug loss of playcalling for 2021.

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