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GB and Slam - Vikings Skol'd us in our tankquest

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D. Wilson finally showed out today. Dlaw was good, as was LVE. Lamb was great. The acrobatic catch was incredible. Amari Cooper with a huge conversion on the final drive. And Shultz was good too. Zeke played his best game since week 1, and Pollard had a huge 45 yard TD scamper. Offensive line looked good on the ground and gave Dalton time. Dalton was 22/32 for 203 passing yards and 3 TDs, including the game winner. The whole offense really deserves a GB except Gallup. 

Speaking of which, I give Gallup a JS for the drops. Anthony brown for the toast. And Robinson as well. 

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Sorry about the tank, Cowboys fans.  This was a disastrous game for both franchises.  Your tank is over and any hopes of the playoffs are over for us too.  I was actually hoping either you or Jacksonville would end up with Trevor Lawrence.  It looks like it's down to just the Jaguars now.  I don't want to see him ruined by the Jets.

On another note, are the Redskins really going to win this division???  I sure don't see the Eagles getting the job done.

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1 hour ago, textaz03 said:

With this win, we dropped 1 spot in the draft order, down to #4. 


Unfortunately, I'm expecting to drop another 15 spots or so before it's over. Stupid team.

San Fran

I can see 3 wins in that pretty easily now and a playoff spot at 6 - 10. Trash.


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Personally, I was really hoping for one win the rest of the year. I wanted it on thanksgiving. Still wanting it. My dad always told me if we beat the Eagles, Giants, (football team) Washington, or the 49ers. It was considered a successful season. But thanksgiving games just hit differently, no matter the record getting blown out on that day just sucks. Anyways my GB/JS

GB: Jerry's little lamb, Wilson, LVE    --(both wilson and LVE played some hard nosed football yesterday, and it was fun to watch)  

HM: Oline - played pretty decent, Mccgovern played well and happy to see him get reps. Martin just an absolute beast

JS: Jaylon - missed tackles, getting stiff armed, one thing I've noticed is he kinda has an ego imo. I didnt like how he pretty much snatched the fumble from dlaw. I mean sure he gained yards and all that but instead of maybe getting a block, he just focused on ripping the ball away so he could retrun it. Kinda torn on that, like I said we got yards, but same time it was kinda like a "i love me some me" moment. 

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