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SNF ~ Chiefs (4-0) @ Texans (2-2)

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Who gets the (W)?  

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  1. 1. Who gets the (W)?

    • Chiefs
    • Texans
    • SNF's ratings will be down again
    • BDL stud SNF with the ratings bonanza

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3 minutes ago, KManX89 said:

ANOTHER 3rd and long conversion.

It shouldn't take Alex Smith long to find a new starting gig in the offseason.

Chiefs better hope they win the Super Bowl this year. Not sure Mahomes can step in and keep the offense running at this level next year.

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Just now, mcmurtry86 said:

So the Chiefs are running 2 or fewer LB on all defensive snaps? Seems like they have more than that out there a lot of the time but I'll grant that you know them better than I. I thought they ran a 3-4 front which would make the 4th LB a starter.

In any event, Zombo is terrible and I have no idea how he's gotten so much playing time in his career.

For the love of god, pay attention man. He's the 4th OUTSIDE linebacker. Not the 4th linebacker. There's a very simple difference. He's not on the depth chart inside. Only outside. You start two outside linebackers in a 3-4. Just 2. Him being 4th means he never sees substantial snaps unless two guys in front of him get hurt. The inside linebacker position and depth chart has absolutely nothing to do with Zombo. I already said if for some ridiculous reason you want to count the inside guys, he's about our 8th LB.

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Just now, kingseanjohn said:

Dear lord. Andy needs to know when to pass to set up the run and vice versa.

Eh. Texans' D has been on the field the entire game so far. They'll start popping some big runs as Houston's D wears down.

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