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Our bad luck in Indianapolis


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We are now 0-5 against the Colts in Indianapolis. We also blew a huge lead at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2012. Another notable failure in the city came in 1997, when we were the defending champs, and were about to make another run towards the Super Bowl. But in that game, we became the first team to lose to the Colts in 1997, which was the year before they drafted Peyton Manning mind you.

This was the last chance for me to see the Packers win in Indianapolis while I was in the prime of my life. They have not won a road game against the Colts since 1974, when the Colts were in Baltimore.

We did much better in road games against the Colts while the team was in Baltimore, going 8-9-1 in such games.

Next time the Packers play a road game against the Colts, I will be pushing 40. And this game needs to be played in the next to last week of the season, early January, in South Bend on the Notre Dame campus. In fact,  the Packers should demand that South Bend be the location of their next road game against the Colts. The Colts have not had to play a home game in cold weather since leaving Baltimore, playing in a fixed roof stadium and now a retractable roof stadium. It's about time that the NFL exposes Colts fans to the elements.

Furthermore, we lose to Phillip Rivers a second year in a row after previously being 3-0 against him. We had lost to the Chargers last year.

I believe that if the Packers had made it to Super Bowl 46, they might already have gotten a win in Indianapolis, despite the fact it would not have been against the Colts. As explained here (I think you should read this), the insistence of most NFL owners that division winners start the playoffs at home kept us from going to Super Bowl 46.

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And my insistence that the Packers play the Colts in South Bend during the 2028 season would help them, because they do well usually when the weather is super cold.

It would also potentially be the first time Fox televises a football game from Notre Dame. Because Notre Dame's home game rights are held by NBC (even this year while the Irish are in the ACC because of the pandemic), Fox can only televise Notre Dame games if the Irish are visiting a team from the Big Ten, Big 12, or Pac-12, all of which Fox holds broadcast rights to - and even then, Fox may not be chosen to broadcast these games. Fox was fortunate enough to televise ND's game at Stanford last year (as a Packers and Irish fan, Andrew Luck ticked me off a total of five times during his football career - the first time in 2009 broke ND's 7-game win streak against Stanford, the second time was ND's first home loss to Stanford since 1992, when Luck was only 3; the Irish would only get two home wins - one of which was later vacated - against Stanford between 2009 and 2017, and never won at Stanford during this period, a loss in2 2015 televised by Fox led me to demand the Irish refusing to allow any of their road games to be televised by them; at that point the Irish had never won on the network, their first appearance on Fox was a loss to LSU in the 2007 Sugar Bowl; LSU's QB, JaMarcus Russell got his comeuppance by being one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history, making his jersey number of 2 very fitting, as he was crap as an NFL player, and we all know that #2 and crap mean the same thing in a certain context).

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