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MNF: Rams vs Bucs

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So it's over half way through the season....I'd say the Bucs offense has had enough time to gel, and their struggles now can't be blamed on that anymore. They just aren't nearly as good as we all thought they would be.


And my god is the run game pathetic. 

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Just now, NYRamsFan88 said:

The underneath guy was open, but he decided to take a shot down field, that’s greed right there 

That's not greed, it's taking a shot, on an open guy downfield.

If the deep receiver was covered, that would be greed, but he wasn't.


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Just now, Nex_Gen said:

Hasn't Edmunds been subpar? Haven't really paid much attention to him.

Winfield would've been a SS for us. Don't think he would've excelled as an In-Box Safety. Edmunds was terrible his first year, but yesterday is basically a microcosm of where he is in the league now. Never gonna be an All-Pro and is gonna be the weak link on a Defense that features 5 players capable of being All-Pros but woudl arguably be a player just below Pro Bowl level elsewhere.

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