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MNF: Rams vs Bucs

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If the Bucs can establish a good running game and stick to it then I think they win this one. If Arians tries to air it out and all the weapons at WR then I think that plays into the Rams favor. This is a game the Bucs really need to win with KC coming to town next week, I don't think they would overlook the Rams though.

Bucs 23

Rams 16

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Is Ali Marpet out?  That’s a huge problem with Donald.   Whitworth out for is a huge problem as well for the Rams.   Ultimately it’s more a matter of how Brady fares vs. inside pressure vs.  how Goff fares vs. TAM’s heat.   

Both teams are likely in the playoffs but this gives LAR a clear path to the division crown.   TAM has to gain 2 games on NO so they pretty much need to win out IMO to even have a shot.   Looking forward to this one. 

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9 hours ago, stl4life07 said:

Funny thing is I heard Eric Dickerson called Brady an old a$$ man and he said the last time an old QB played against the Rams in a Arians offense was Carson Palmer and he told one of his buddies this is going to be the last time we see Palmer and that was in London because the Rams ended his career that game. Not saying its going to happen to Brady but if he want to survive Arians CANNOT let him sit back there trying to go down the field alot tonight against the Rams defense. Run the ball and throw quick. It worked with the Patriots. Plus Brady has only completed 1 yes 1 pass of 20yds or more in the last 2 games. The Rams are only allowing 16% of completed passing of 20yds or more and thats by far best in the NFL. Its not going to work its only going to get Brady killed. 

This game will settle down for me if the Bucs have any chance of going to the SB. Rams Dline is already amazing and would be able to pressure Brady without blitz like almost no one and they are gonna play without Ali Marpet so if Arians don't prepare a game plan involving quicky / horizontal routes to everyone plus a lot of run at least for the entire first half then I feel Bucs have no chance in the long run, not even if Brady connects on some big throws after holding the ball 5+ seconds and they win.

If we see Brady standing there holding the ball trying to connect deep from the get go it's just over for me. That'd just show me it's all about ego. Arians wanting to prove his O scheme sucessful more than the success of his team because that'd be a terrible game plan. Look, Raiders can't pressure like Rams and Mahomes is ten times more mobile than Brady but Andy's game plan early in the game last night still was all about making Mahomes throw it quickly and frustrate the pass rushers, as the game progressed he transitioned to holding the ball more and it went without noticing.

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