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MNF: Rams vs Bucs

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Just now, jofos said:

Should have been a LA TD. But if they blew it dead can they even review it?


It won't be a TD. If they call it a fumble, they may give it to us because Floyd recovered it. I guess the other option is to call it a safety? 

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2 minutes ago, Pats#1 said:

So it's over half way through the season....I'd say the Bucs offense has had enough time to gel, and their struggles now can't be blamed on that anymore. They just aren't nearly as good as we all thought they would be.


And my god is the run game pathetic. 

It’s the coaching as much as anything. If you can’t scheme THIS group of WRs open, and you can’t get pressure with THAT front 7, you’re doing something wrong.

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Just now, BlaqOptic said:

Absolutely pathetic. I am of the perspective that you don't let things play out when they're borderline because then you favor the team who might not actually earn a turnover, but I saw no reason whatsoever to blow that dead so quickly. No way the closest referee clearly saw it as an attempted pass with 6 bodies in that modge podge.

And everyone is doing it across the league. Haven't seen this whistled down in ages.

Really poor decision.


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