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MNF: Rams vs Bucs

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19 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

I don't usually do hot takes, and generally I'm a very conservative predictor, however I do believe this;


This forum and the sports media as a whole are too low on the LA Rams. The Rams are a dark horse defined. When they took the lead in the West, all the media could talk about was Kyler Murray at the time. They rebound from losses really well, they secretly have the best pass defense, they own Seattle, if Goff isn't under pressure their offense is on easy mode. I think looking at the schedule, they're going to win the West.


I think LAR win tonight, as well. 27-24


Nice!!!!! Giving you credit for this win

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The talk will be about Brady getting old, but the entire Bucs offense just doesn’t play well in prime time and it’s weird. No push in the run game, drops, no separation downfield. It’s awkward as hell, and such a contrast to their day games where they’ve mostly balled out.

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2 minutes ago, Pats#1 said:

I honestly don't think the Bucs make the playoffs at this point....their schedule isn't easy moving forward IIRC and they've just looked awful

Who's gona overtake them? Maybe the Vikings take their WC spot but thats about it 

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