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Just now, candyman93 said:

This isn’t a bad challenge.


Even if you don’t get it, you use the time to draw up a play and talk about going for it on 4th or not.

yep! might not be a great challenge but you are giving yourself a lot more time to come up with the perfect play. Hell, I would call two plays here. If the first one doesnt work. No huddle it and try and catch them off guard

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3 minutes ago, Bucketheadsdad said:

Can these two guys from CBS take a moment from slobberknocking all over the Jags about players being out? 

Have they mentioned the Browns being down Garrett two other DE's, Ward, our FB, our TE coach. 

Good grief, I know that we're somewhat juxtaposed compared to where we've been for years, but it isn't as though this club is playing at full strength either.  

I'm thinking it must be Baker's fault.

"Mike Glennon had thrown 4 TD's today for the first time since 2007, he was a sophomore in high school!"

Bro I swear

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