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Week 12 GDT - Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

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3 hours ago, Forge said:

Laugh Cry GIFs | Tenor

Beat hard, hard
Down life's rocky road
Beat bold, hard
That's my creed, my code

I've been scorned and slandered and ridiculed too
Had to struggle everyday my whole life through
Seen my share of the worst that this world can give
But I still got a dream and a burning rage to live

Beat hard, hard
When they say, "You're all done"
Beat bold, hard
Though they say, "You're not the one"

Even if you've been told time and time again
That you're always gonna lose and you're never gonna win
Gotta keep that vision in your mind's eye
When you're standing on top of a mountain high

You know when I was a boy, folks used to say to me
"Slow down CJ, don't beat so hard"
And I used to tell them, "Life's a race and I'm in it to win it
And I'll beat as damn hard as I please
How do I beat boys?"

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Trent Williams activated as well as Joe Walker.

Well, Williams obviously is a big help, but we still have McKivitz lining up against Donald L-O-L.

With Deebo, Mostert and Wilson returning though, the game plan is pretty clear. Quick passing game with a whole a lot of runs. Mostert is going to have to break one 40+ yarder at some point. The Rams will be more prepared opposed to the last meeting.

I'm still more interested in seeing how Saleh's unit looks this game. Coming off arguably their best performance of the season against the Saints. Moore and Ward duo were fun to watch last game and they should have their fair share of chances to make plays tomorrow as well. 

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Just now, straighthate said:

He’s all over the place today. Not sure who he’s lined up against but he’s abusing them. 

I'd guess multiple people, but I would assume he lines up mostly on Blythe? 

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Just now, 49ersfan said:

I remember when he was beasting last preseason. Once Kinlaw develops & Bosa comes back, we're setting ourselves up for another good DL rotation

Yeah he was a beast last preseason and have to say i was worried we would lose him last year. 

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