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Thanksgiving Day GDT: Texans vs Lions

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Big game this morning. I’ve maintained hope that we can make the playoffs at 9-7. Which currently would require us going on a 7 game winning streak. Very doubtful, but there is still hope until we lose that 8th game. Hopefully we get another 10 days or so of dreaming with a big win today 

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13 hours ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Stills and Cobb are out. Coutee and a Coulter should get a run 

It'll be nice to see what we have in Coulter...

Matt Patricia is basically a fatter Bill O'Brien, so I'm expecting a W today... But who knows.

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I just don’t think we are far off from competing again. Our defense is in shambles and yet we lost in OT to the Titans which we should have won, lost 10-7 to the browns which we should have won, we were leading the Steelers late in the 4th, we were within 1/2 an inch of possibly forcing overtime against the Vikings. We could nearly have been a playoff team this year with all our faults. I think a good coaching staff can turn us around quickly if we don’t blow our offense up this off season. 

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