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Week 12 - Rams vs 49ers

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42 minutes ago, MDY10 said:

I definitely disagree with the first part. The niners almost always give us a hard time regardless if it’s Jimmy G or not. Starting in 2016 with fisher we were swept. Not looking before that and even 2016 is probably irrelevant but just for argument purposes. then 2017 was Mcvays first year where Hoyer was QB and we won by 3 in a shootout. Second game that year we were resting starters and were blown out. 2018 we swept them 39-10 and 48-32. Then with Jimmy G they’ve won the last 3. 

I have said it soooo many times. The niners are the best coaches team in the league. Losing close to 80 mil in players and still putting up fights and even winning is insane. It doesn’t matter who their QB is, they will play us well way more often than not. This COULD be a blow out, but I don’t think they’re expecting it this time around. Last time they got punched in the mouth and embarrassed and that was with a hurt Jimmy G. 

The shootout against Hoyer the Rams did have a 34-20 lead heading into the 4th quarter. Credit to the Niners for continuing to fight but the Rams literally a lot went so wrong for the Rams to nearly cough up a 14pt lead. I’m not disagreeing about the Niners not being well coached because they are and they get so much out of their players but it’s Mullens and not Jimmy G. If it was Jimmy G I’d be curious to see if we can finally beat him. It’s not. It’s Mullens and the only thing is how much will the Rams win by? Point spread is Rams favored 6.5pts and I’m predicting the Rams to win by 13pts. 

Also a little nugget I found interesting. Teams coming off a BYE are (2-9) against the spread against teams coming off a MNF game. You would think it would be the opposite just due to one team having rest and an extra week to prepare and the other team is on a short week. So that suggests the Niners might not even cover the 6.5pt spread. 


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6 minutes ago, RamRod said:

Henderson’s vision sucks sometimes. We should’ve got a first down.

I love his burst but it comes at the expense of vision. He's so quick to choose that he's either a couple yards past the LOS in the blink of an eye of he runs into a group. 

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