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USMNT Thread: Wandering in the Wilderness

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On 8/8/2021 at 2:30 AM, titansNvolsR#1 said:

I only sparingly keep up with the USMNT, but is this the most talented generation in the history of the sport for the US? I'm trying to get into it more and more and seems every time I log into r/ussoccer there's a thread of another American or MLS academy player moving to Europe. 

Except it isn't just a random generation. It is a new era and only going to get better.

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We've literally never had this many players overseas playing and contributing for the top Clubs in the world.  Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus, Dortmund..............................Norwich

You've never heard or seen that before.



Fifa has now moved the USMNT to #10 in the rankings - 1 spot behind Mexico

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Well, thanks to a critical win over Honduras and a somewhat unexpected draw by Mexico against Panama, US is back in the qualification space in 3rd (only the head-to-head away goal in the Canada game splitting the US and the Canadians).

So, one window and three games down, table looks like this:

     W  D  L  GF  GA  GD  PTS
MEX  2  1  0  4   2   +2   7
CAN  1  2  0  5   2   +3   5
USA  1  2  0  5   2   +3   5
PAN  1  2  0  4   1   +3   5
CRC  0  2  1  1   2   -1   2
HON  0  2  1  2   5   -3   2
SLV  0  2  1  0   3   -3   2
JAM  0  1  2  2   6   -4   1

So, things don't look as dire as they did even four days ago. Still, it would be nicer had they had gotten at least another win (especially since El Salvador hasn't scored a goal yet). But it is what it is.

Next window

  • Oct 7 - home versus Jamaica
  • Oct 10 - at Panama
  • Oct 13 - home versus Costa Rica


What do you all think?

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