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The passing of the torch


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With today's results, the Bengals and Jets now jointly have the longest active streak of losing seasons at 5.

Both teams' troubles coincidentally began when they lost something to the Steelers in 2015.

The Jets lost a tiebreaker for the final playoff seed in the AFC.

The Bengals lost in the wild card playoffs, and the way in which they lost did not cost Marvin Lewis his job back then, a decision the Bengals would come to regret. If the Bengals could somehow get Brian Kelly to coach them, like they should have in 2016 (and then in 2019), they just might claw their way back into the playoffs (somewhat literally given the team's name).

The Jets had high expectations after winning 6 of their last 8 games in 2019 to finish 7-9. But the Jets were unable to carry that momentum into 2020 (something the Browns often failed to do during their streak of losing seasons), and have yet to win a game on the year.

Like the 2007 Browns who were set back by that disappointment for over a decade, the 2015 Jets went 10-6, and are the most recent team to win 10 games and not make the playoffs, something which will considerably be more difficult starting in 2020.

Like the Bengals, the Jets may be better off if they lure away the current head coach from a high-profile college team. If the Jets are able to draft Trevor Lawrence, they should try and lure Lawrence's HC, Dabo Swinney, away from Clemson, to prepare for drafting Lawrence #1 (should he enter the draft).

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Of course, if Brian Kelly goes to the Bengals and Dabo Swinney to the Jets, they will likely coach a game against each other for the second year in a row, having been the coaches in Notre Dame's huge win over Clemson on November 7. The way the Bengals and Jets are playing now, they will likely both finish last, which means under the schedule formula in the NFL they would have a meeting next season.

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1 hour ago, Forge said:

God I  hope dabo doesn't come to the nfl. It's easier to ignore the garbage that spews from his mouth on Saturday than it is on Sundays

He's a Nick Saban waiting to happen in the NFL. His pre-game pep talks and such work when you're pitching to kids who are trying to make their mark and get drafted - but it would grow tiresome quickly at the next level.

There's talk of Dabo to Houston (the Deshaun Watson connection) and goodness - I'll get so sick to my stomach if he's named HC. Dabo with freaking Jack Easterby, in the city with Joel Osteen? 

Holy hell, I'm moving to Canada.

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