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The Official GM Search Thread

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15 hours ago, .Buzz said:

He's talking about the guy who runs the Senior Bowl every year, not the Bears HC.

I rather give Louis Riddick a shot before Nagy. I know he’s worked in NFL front offices before.. major thing that gives me pause is following trends.. Lynch, and  Mayock, .. just my luck the Jags would try it trip fall and skin up their face. 

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14 hours ago, LinderFournette said:

u dont know the difference between the bears HC and the Senior Bowl director?

Sure don’t I don’t follow the senior bowl.. and if I do watch year to year it’s for a specific prospect not the person behind the scenes running it. 

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Dorsey is intriguing. Seems like a bit of an ******* but he's the one who built up that KC team. He had a couple solid drafts in CLE too. Would kind of be the ideal guy as far as a "real football guy" who can lead the organization considering the owner prefers to be hands off. The one thing that gives me pause is he really doesn't seem to care about off field issues (which at this point, it seems like most of the NFL is this way if the talent outweighs the issues).

After Horowitz, Dodds is probably my favorite option and he seems like that type too. Think with where we sit someone like that would be ideal. Not sold Ballard will let his right hand man go to a divisional rival though.

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The more I think about it, the more I want a Joe Hortiz/Joe Brady pairing.

I like the idea of plucking someone from the Ravens organization and rumor is he likes Joe Brady. Joe Brady is super young but ideally he’d get paired with a vet DC like Fangio or Wade Phillips.

Structure would be similar with how the Rams did with McVay. Brady with Fields would be nice for the offense and Fangio or Wade would mean a 3-4, which would probably be better for Josh Allen and Chaisson.

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It's ESPN+ or whatever so I can't see it. But good to hear we were proactive about the firing to get going on the search.

You have Rick Smith, John Dorsey, and I'm sure other guys (TV guys, maybe other former GMs that arent in the fold currently) that are worthy of interviews/looking into.

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