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Week 13 GDT - Patriots go Hollywood


Chargers vs Patriots  

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  1. 1. Does Belichick confuse rookie phenom Herbert?

    • Yes (Under 60% completion, at least 1 INT, 150 or less passing yards)
    • No
    • Lost the magic (70%+ completion, at least 3 TDs, 350+ passing yards)
  2. 2. Patriots are currently 2nd in the league in terms of yards per drive (crazy right?), but 23rd in pts/drive. Do they finish drives on Sunday?

    • Points on at least 5 drives
    • Points on 4 drives
    • Points on 3 drives
    • Points on 2 drives
    • Points on 1 drives
    • Scoreless or only D/ST TDs
  3. 3. McD said in an interview that N'Keal is doing a lot of things well, just not consistently. How consistent will he be this week?

    • Finally has a big game (100+ yards)
    • Shows up at all (50-100 yards)
    • More than expected (1-50 yards)
    • Same old same old (zero catches)

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2 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Yeah but still. I guess it's coming from the run game, because some of these games Cam's been having, that stat does surprise me.

They have moved the ball just 13 INTs and such. Even with Hoyer the offense got yards just can't score.

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If we knock off both these LA teams we'll be sitting at 7-6 in a weeks time, with the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets left to go after that. I like our chances if we can beat both LA teams here on Sunday then Thursday, the Rams game will be a really tough one though. 

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If it's close you fancy us...

Might be a game you can tell who's going to win early on. If Herbert comes out slinging at puts together 3 TD drives in the first half, I'm not confident. If something like....10-7 at half (to either side), we're on! Even though Cam isn't clutch. It would be Lynn beating himself

Would be great if the D continued to make big step ups

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