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LB Kyler Fackrell placed on IR


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Big time loss, but the young guys are why we haven't missed a beat and are a top-10 team in rushing the passer with absolute nobodies at EDGE.

7th round rookie Carter Coughlin, 6th round rookie Cam Brown, PS pickup (and solid, crafty veteran) Jabal Sheard, and UDFA Ivy league rookie Niko Lalos are all playing out of their minds. The odds say there is 0 chance these guys keep it up, but I'm going to be watching closely and hoping they do. They're fun to watch! They're all underdogs, they are all relentless, and they all follow the gameplan and do their jobs.

Also, a lot of people may not like hearing this, but these moves are why Gettleman isn't going anywhere after the year is over. He and Judge (with Judge in the driver's seat) make a nice team at evaluating, identifying, acquiring, and developing talent. For anyone doubting that Jude is mostly making these calls, look at the most recent "mic'd up" video the Giants put up on youtube with Logan Ryan. The video ends with him going over to Judge and saying "Thanks for bringing me here". Judge is the reason Ryan is here, not Gettleman.

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