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Week 13: New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks

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Acgott beats me again to the posting of this one LOL. It's cool, I was lazy this week. Unless DJ suits up for this one I don't see us pulling this one off. Our defense can hold us in this one but I just don't see how we can manage to pull this one out with out DJ under center. McCoy, even though he was able to do just barely enough against the Bengals to win us one last week, didn't show me anything of substance to make me think he can handle the Seahawks. The defense won us that one. James Bradberry has his hands full with DK Metcalf. If anyone watched the Eagles game, Darius Slay was carved up by that guy. Metcalf, I think right now is the best WR in football. Just cant see us winning. If we keep it close there's an outside shot but Colt McCoy has to be a good game manager for that to happen. 

Seahawks 21 - Giants 12

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I think DJ could technically play, but won't. The staff won't want to risk anything. I really hope he does play though; his progress has been obvious the past few weeks and this would be a really good test and chance to show off. Plus, he needs revenge on Jamal Adams.

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14 hours ago, Acgott said:


This being his 2nd promotion, Niko is most likely going to join the 53 man roster soon. Good for him; let's see if he can keep up his level of play from the Bengals game. The Seahawks DL is banged up.

Also, I really don't think Dunlap is going to go today, which is a huge blow.

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