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Eagles Weak 13: The Slow Death March to the Top 5

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31 minutes ago, eagles18 said:

If Philly cuts or trades Carson Wentz, I think that will be it for my eagles fandom.. been following this team since the early 2000s and I’ve had enough. This organization has ruined this guy similar to how they ruined Donovan.. with Donovan they never gave him top level receivers and the one year they did, he went 13-3 with a SB appearance then cut him the next year because he wanted more money. They want to blame the QB this time but refuse to acknowledge the bad drafting snd roster building by howie and his coach still thinks it’s 2017 with the plays he runs and he’s terrible at developing players 

The complete ineptitude of the front office to help him is an embarrassment - Kept signing interior DL while doing absolutely nothing for your upcoming star QB. Drafted the wrong WR in the first round this past year & then double down by taking a dang BACKUP QB with their 2nd round pick. The year prior, Draft JJAW in the second round who should not be playing in the NFL. The only thing they did this offseason to help Wentz was sign Marquise Goodwin who SF was GLAD to get rid of, Jalen Raegor who wasn't ready & needs time to develop (think he can turn out to be solid), and then prayed to god for DJAX's health. That's comically bad especially after seeing how bad the end of last year was in regards to weapons for Wentz. 

Now Wentz has zero confidence, garbage scheme, garbage play calling, garbage OLINE, and garbage receivers. Inexplicable and why I want Howie fired & Ed Dodds from IND hired as the GM. Let Dodds find a new head coach & give Carson a fresh slate.

Edit to add: I will be the first one to tell you that Wentz's play has been poor this year too.

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On 12/6/2020 at 6:13 PM, Daimonas said:

isnt that an offensive facemask penalty. you cant grab the facemask even if you're the  ballcarrier

I didn't notice it until they showed a replay after the commercial break.  One of your guys grabbed Aaron Jones' facemask later on and there was no flag.  I've seen a lot of players grab fasemasks in several games this year.  For some reason it isn't being called. 

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8 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Maybe true, but Reagor was great at returns in college. Had a higher average than Hester.

While this might be true, how does he always manage the bobble the ball when he catches a punt? I hold my breath every time he's back there catching a punt.

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