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Eagles Weak 13: The Slow Death March to the Top 5

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Just now, EaglesPeteC said:

The WR’s are never open. Like ever

Yeah... I regret not going Justin Jefferson now.

I liked him a lot, but more as a late first as like WR5. Had him definitely ahead of Aiyuk, Mims, Pittman, Higgins, etc.

Just thought Reagor fit what we needed on the outside with his speed, contested catch ability, and punt returning. 

But, he got injured and his routes haven't been the sharpest for sure. Wentz also hasn't helped him get his confidence up with some catches either.

We also haven't used him as a punt returner that much or on creative plays to get him the ball as a runner like on screens, jet sweeps, etc.

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Just now, EaglesPeteC said:

Hargrave sighting 

Eh... he's been playing pretty damn well the past games I think.

Everyone was getting on him after he came back from injury, but his conditioning definitely wasn't up to par.

We're seeing how good he can be now.

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I also don't know what it is, but Reagor hasn't looked as fast/explosive to me this year.

Maybe he's put on some weight, cause we saw what happened when he added like 10 or 15 lbs (I forget) before the combine.

His speed still looks good, but not great like it was at TCU. I'm sure he'll get it back though.

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