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Week 13 - Rams at Cardinals

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1 minute ago, Flounch said:

Mcvay has 0 confident on Goff, he doesn't allow him to throw in the red zone....

McVay is stupid he’s supposed to give Goff a chance to throw. It’s because of him always running it in the end zone that Goff has poor stats and people think he’s worse than he actually is 

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Just because Mcvay isn’t calling the plays you guys want.. doesn’t mean he’s making mistakes. Don’t forget, he’s the NFL coach.. not us lol at this point I don’t know if you guys want him to keep running or throw.he throws it and people want him to run and now he went heavy run and people want him to throw. 

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1 minute ago, NYRamsFan88 said:

I think McVay is putting a little much on the defense to hold the Cardinals... we should’ve taken points 

I don’t know what coach doesn’t go for it there at the 1. Especially with that defense. 

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4 minutes ago, NYRamsFan88 said:

I just don’t like passing up points, especially when we finally have a competent kicker who can make FGs more consistently 

Yeah I definitely get the “ take the points” mentality. 

offense is starting to get going now. Great couple of drives in a row now 

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First half was domination by the Rams. They had a two blunders on the first defensive drive with that facemask on the sack that wouldve forced the Cards to punt. Then the blown coverage that had Arnold wide open. Thats the easiest throw and catch Murray and Arnold is going to have their entire career. After that though this Rams defense was more impressive than at any point of any half of the season so far and thats saying something when they didnt even allow a 1st down to Washington in the 2nd half.

Offense started off slow but the last 3 drives got things going. Not a coincidence it had to do with Akers getting going. McVay needs to continue to feed him the ball. Goff got hot too. If McVay wouldve thrown the ball in the redzone the Rams could be up 21-7. 

In the 2nd half I want the Rams to start fast and end strong. The Cards arent going away but the Rams are the best 2nd half team so I expect them to continue to play like it. Lets finish this game off Rams and get the win. 

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