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2020 GDT Week #13 Steelers vs.Football Team

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24 minutes ago, August4th said:

wonder if GB and Sea gonna get scrutinized for losing/playing close to bad teams this week like the steelers have been.....

hawks weren't really into the game in the first half compared to the 2nd half, and it cost them.  See if that loss can actually affect them much in the playoffs, but the Giants played solid and deserved a win. GB  had a good game vs the eagles , whatever that means. They finally pulled wince, maybe hurts gets the start next week?  Browns made a statement today. 


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25 minutes ago, Dcash4 said:

Me seeing rumors of a $195M cap in '21 thinking of all the guys we can bring back:

jack nicholson yes GIF

make sense for everyone. they can take the covid hit gradually over the next 10-15 yrs instead of one devastating offseason for teams and players

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NFL is about to make crazy money with these new TV deals coming up. 17 game season, 14 team playoff and being by far the biggest cable draw. these TV deals are gonna be insane lol the money they lost this yr will end up being a slight pinch for these owners.

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1 hour ago, August4th said:

expecting another sloppy game today

I think we pull it out, but it won't be pretty

I have really been thinking hoping for the opposite. Usually we get our butts kicked in a loss and then turn around the next week. I've never heard Tomlin sound like he did after that game Wednesday -- even the "unleash hell" speech was just words, not emotion. The four day turn around is the piece that kinda sucks, but also leaves the salt on the wounds a little longer. But I am hoping we come out on fire and try to get this one over with quickly. 

My view of Tomlin's motivation has always been that he views his players as grown men and that football is truly their job. Grown men shouldnt need motivation to do their job.....but 20'somethings do hear and read things. I think that's why we are flat when we are strongly favored (players believe the cake walk) and play up when the competition is strong. They have spent the last couple days hearing how overrated they are and Wednesday is the validation that opinion needs. After a lot of teams struggled yesterday, they have a prime time (kinda?) opportunity to shut that down. I think players stand up to that. 

....I hope players stand up to that....


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I’m hoping they keep reading they’re the worst 11-0 team in history and come out fired up and play their best game of the season. Running game is going to struggle, but I can see Ben pulling them through 27-21 in a nailbiter and confirming the win is more important than the way they play 

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