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2021 Off-season FO / Coaching / Saleh to the Jets - Page 9

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3 minutes ago, 49ersfan said:

Good overall list. I'd also include another RB. I think we can address most if not all of these needs in the 3rd-7th rounds, UDFA, & bargain bin FA.

I wouldn't mind a trade to 3 for something like our 1, 2, future 1, & one starter (non-elite). Then we get our pick of Fields, Lance, or Jones. Shanny always makes sure he gets his guy so IF he does want a rookie, i don't think he'll be content to wait until #12. 


Yes on the RB, totally forgot about that. In my mocks, I've been targeting a RB in round 5 or 6. I don't see us pulling the trigger on one any sooner than that. 

And yes on the QB. There's just no indication on which direction the team will go, so it's hard to speculate as there are several options. My preference right now are these three options for a QB:

  • Trade up for Zach Wilson
  • Hope either Fields, Lance, or Jones are sitting there at #12
  • Take David Mills in round 3 or 4. 
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16 minutes ago, NinerNation21 said:


  • Nickel corner - Need a prove nickel to sure up pass defense
  • Slot WR - I'd prefer a rookie here to compete with Hurd and Richie James
  • Depth outside corner - Need one or two guys behind Moseley and Verrett. Sign one / draft one would be choice.


  • Depth outside WR - Need someone behind Deebo and Aiyuk
  • #2 TE - Could use another weapon here. I'd love to target someone in the draft first, then fill via FA after, if needed.
  • Backup Center - I'd target someone in the draft, and if that falls through, I'd sign Garland back.
  • Depth EDGE - Could use one more EDGE rusher. I'd re-sign Willis and draft someone, honestly.
  • Backup FS - Would love to get one of the safeties in the draft. There's a lot of underrated talent here in the early to middle rounds.

I would just list all these as NEEDS at this point.

I think it is fairly obvious what we will target in the draft (barring any splash FA signings)

-CB (priority)

-Edge (Priority)

-O-Line (Guard/ Center)





I am very confident that 3 of my first 4 will be had in the first three rounds, I especially think if Kyle Pitts falls to #12, he would be to mouth-watering for Shanny to pass on........all of this is IF we do not draft a QB in round 1.

I just dont see the Niners FO being comfortable going into the season with what we currently have at EDGE, CB and QB at this point. We have our starting O-line (maybe target RG in draft round 3-6), LB's are set, and I think they are comfortable with what we have at Safety.

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4 hours ago, GW21 said:

If only Johnny Utah didn't blow out his knee at Ohio State we could bring him in to play quarterback for us! 


Johnny Utah may have blown out his knee, but Shane Falco is pretty healthy.

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Just now, J-ALL-DAY said:

Nah, means they are addressing it at the draft or going after Watson. 

True or false, i don't think Watson will be an option until the lawsuits are resolved. That could take months so i think that effectively makes him untradeable for a while. 


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6 minutes ago, 49erurtaza said:

Minshew or we actually are fine with Rosen being the backup. 

Given that MM isn't sure  that Rosen is going to make the team, I can't see the latter as being likely. 

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1 minute ago, Forge said:

Thats uninspiring. No upside there at all. 

I don't think they're looking for upside, to be honest. They just want someone who can be as average as they come for a few games. 

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Just now, rudyZ said:

I don't think they're looking for upside, to be honest. They just want someone who can be as average as they come for a few games. 

I don't know that he's giving you that. 

I think that they are looking for cheap, to be honest. He was 1.5 last year. 

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