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2021 Off-season FO / Coaching / Saleh to the Jets - Page 9

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7 minutes ago, Chrissooner49er said:

Really don’t believe this. Already have Bridgewater and I think Rhule may grab Mac Jones at 8....I think it’s a real possibility. 

Omg what if drafts Mac Jones over Fields at 8 lol 🤣

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15 minutes ago, Forge said:

That one is even funnier than the Rams one. 

I think we've reached the endgame as weird as that sounds. The niners have made their offer and washed their hands of it. Someone else will cave or not, and that will be the determining factor on whether or not he ends up in SF I'm guessing. 

Lol yeah I think they thought they would get a 1st+ more. 

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47 minutes ago, Forge said:

Going to be super interesting to see who blinks first. Niners, Lions, or 3rd party. 

Colts were always the more likely spot for Stafford. Niners kept getting mentioned but no major reporter or beat writer ever said they were close or a true major player for him. 

Just folks like Cohn and even those below him kept this going. 

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On 1/29/2021 at 5:38 PM, dan77733 said:

No Stafford please. UGH. Why can't 49ers management go after the better QB? Stop being cheap and wanting aging veterans when you have a 25 year old stud who wants out of Houston. Come on.

Maybe it's more about focusing our energy on something more realistic, when other teams have immensely more firepower to acquire him. The only way we get Watson, in my opinion, is if Watson comes out and says he will only play for us. 

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7 minutes ago, NcFinest9erFan said:


This is a fairly good move for them imo. I've been advocating that for them for a while. Get them a competent qb, I think they  win eleven games next year

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