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Eagles Weak 14: Just Make It Stop

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20 hours ago, Nabbs4u said:

He wasn't originally brought back at a hefty price, he was the natural fit to take over for Brooks. Knew the Offense,  Cadence, OL calls, Wentz, playbook.  He was the right choice, for RG!

It only became a Cluster 🤬 when Dillard went down as well. What LT in FA was coming to the Eagles on the cheap? Knew any of the things above? Wouldn't of had a massive learning curve first 5 weeks? We can play the Hindsight game all you want but with no on the field practices, everything virtual they had No Clue what Mailata might bring, that Jordan might actually be the answer for LT?

That wasn't known until he too was forced to Start. There is no quick fix when you lose your All Pro RG and Starting LT within weeks of each other in a virtual covid world. Sorry. 

11 different Starting OL combinations in 12 games. It wasn't just the 38 yr old Peters at the center of all of our struggles, trust me.

Most of you have witnessed only 2 HOF Eagles in your Lifetime, think about that for a second (2). Jason Peters will be your 3rd. Old farts like me a Dingo at least 4 with Carmichael now in but those bashing Peters for hanging on, trying to help win a SB while on the field contributing, not a spectator need to take a step back understand why he was trying. 

Its on the FO now to figure out this mess!

6M is hefty to me for a backup. Especially one that hasn’t ever played that position. And frankly, has been terrible. There was nothing “natural” about bringing him back. Injury or not. They had to realize a 38 year old with recent injury issues, heading into a more physical position, is going to get injured. If the guy was expected to spot start or fill in here or there, fine. Thinking he was going  to be good to start at any position for an extended period of time was a bad move. They panicked, as you eluded to, and were screwed because the didn’t bother bringing  anyone in that had any kind of track record being a decent OL. Every backup was young and/or inexperienced. 

Who was picking up Peters if not the Eagles? There was little reason to resign him to a starting position even with the injuries. They could have told him they’d give him market value for a quality backup,  take it or leave it. Hindsight clearly but guys making $$$ are supposed to be better than the average fan and know better. 

To be clear, I liked having Peters back. I thought it was a good move. But resigning him to start for an extended period of time was dumb. Not having the foresight to invest in better, experienced talent to backup was the fatal flaw. 13 different OL lineups so far. Atrocious. Counting on Peters has a crap ton to do with that stat. 

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Just now, eagles18 said:

When Carson gets traded and Eagles get a QB to back up Jalen, you'll be pounding the table for the back up to play. 

I don't think Jalen will be some savior or the QBOTF he just at least isn't Carson playing historically bad out there.

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