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Patriots 2021 Free Agency

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Expect is much harder than want.. I think BB is incredibly hard to predict compared to other GMs.. but I'll put some guesses out there.. I think they are going to really focus on cap casualties too given how much money they have. 


Top 10 Free Agents You Expect:

10. WR - Chris Godwin ( Uncharacteristically aggressive would be Godwin.. I dont think he will be worth 20 million.. and I think he gets tagged, but that would be quite the signing if they did it) 

9. QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick ( Only if they draft an early round kid)

8. QB - Mitchell Trubisky ( Reclamation project .. nobody has talked about him though, everyone seems to think they like Mariota more)

7. WR - Keelan Cole ( he dominated Pats a couple years ago when they played and BB likes guys who play well against him, not the biggest or fastest guy, if the value is there BB would jump to sign him)

6.  WR - Curtis Samuel ( Versatility BB loves, only 24, if he doesn't get a huge deal would do really well as a Patriot)

5. TE - Jonnu Smith ( Lots of talent, BB spoke glowingly about him previously, cheaper than Henry, would do really well in 2 TE sets with Asiasi) 

4. DL - Leonard Williams ( 26, entering prime, can help the weak front 7 right away, could be a surprise big ticket free agent day 1)

3. LB - Shaquil Barret ( 28, immediately helps weak LB corp, Pats have money, seems like a potential surprise day 1 signing like Gilmore was)

2. TE - Hunter Henry ( BB is going to call him.. but I think he will get offered way too much money and will want to go to a team ready to win now)

1. WR - Tim Patrick ( Played well against Pats, no way Denver keeps him with all their receiver talent, classic BB value guy, shouldn't be super expensive.. I think BB would love this guy)

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On 2/19/2021 at 11:52 PM, Crimmage said:


@m haynes Looks like you don't have to worry about BB spending top dollar on Hunter Henry lol

I read that sentence and thought "Great, that gives the Pats a decent shot!"....and then I remember that doesn't apply to NE anymore. Feels weird.

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I really want Kyle Ju... Jusz... Kyle Juicebox, the FB from SF

He could play an Aaron Hernandez type role while also being a massive help in the run game. 

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On 2/23/2021 at 5:33 AM, DoleINGout said:

Top 10 Free Agents You Expect:

10. Russell Okung

9. DeSean Jackson

8. Mitch Trubisky

7. Kevin Pierre-Lewis

6. Kyler Fackrell

5. Denico Autry

4. Matt Judon

3. Trey Hendrickson

2. Jonnu Smith

1. Morgan Fox

That's more realistic 

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11 hours ago, Nex_Gen said:

This is collectively the best WR Free Agent class ever. Going to be really satisfying coming away with Alshon Jeffery and Tyrell Williams though...

That beats my expectation. 

I think the way we 'improve' our WR corps this year is a 4th rounder and a FA like Keelan Cole 

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5 hours ago, DoleINGout said:

I think JJ Taylor is a better and cheaper replacement than Duke Johnson.

And what do you base this on? He had 1 catch for 4 yards last year. 

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