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Patriots 2021 Free Agency

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5 hours ago, IheartMyV8 said:

Jules is 6M.  2.6M Dead/3.4 Saved if we move on from him.

I could almost see the Bucs calling for him if Godwin leaves.  TB12 gets the band back together for one last year.

If Rodgers stays in GB, I have a feeling they could find a way to give Godwin big money to pair with Adams and keep Rodgers happy. The two of them together would put up huge numbers. 


Jules for me it isn't so much about the money ( every bit helps), it is more a matter of feeling that he is wasted on a rebuilding team. You're better off trading him for a 3rd/4th for a team who is trying to win now and spend that pick trying to rebuild. 

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5 hours ago, Crimmage said:

Does anyone remember if they got one for Shane Vareen?

I just looked it up. They don't do it that way. It some crazy formula on money time spent etc. Vereen was 2016 and the Pats lost like 100 players and sign one. Put it into formula and they came with 4 picks.  I pretty sure its not player by player. But what the hell do I know!


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