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Week 13 GDT: Cowboys @ Ravens: "Lamar Comin'!"

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I think its clear that over the last two years, Mark Ingram has been the emotional leader of our offense. Which was a great thing last season when he was the clear cut #1 RB, but has been very awkward this season where he’s been our fringe worst RB on the year.

THAT said, Ingram is BACK. You can just see it on his face that he’s got that energy and fire. I’d be willing to bet the offense follows suit. If this holds true, I wouldn’t mind the team going back to the formula where they have Ingram as our 1st half hammer and Gus as our 2nd half hammer... and then keep Dobbins in rotation as ‘the guy’ throughout the game.

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It’s pretty crazy that Hollywood Brown was the clear cut better WR at Oklahoma over CeeDee Lamb, yet within our offense, he’s just a JAG. It’s just disappointing. And now Dez is out. Will be interesting, this is a playoff game for both teams, but if we hope to be legit, we need to prove it here.

The team needs to cut out all the miscues they’ve had on the OL though. Cutout the bad snaps, cutout the false starts/pre-snap penalties, and just get back to being one of the most disciplined teams in football (like last season).

I want this game to look a whole lot like the Rams game last year.

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