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Week 14 - Rams vs Patriots - TNF

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12 hours ago, stl4life07 said:

So yes if the Pats didnt have Belichick I would agree but they did have Belichick, he knows how to scheme up a great defense with a great secondary and most people thought the game would be a close low scoring game but it wasnt. Rams dominated. 

I think what gets you is once again the Rams have shown they have another tool in their tool belt to win. Last week Goff dominated the Cards. This week Akers dominated the Patriots. A few weeks ago Kupp and Woods dominated the Bucs. Week 1 against the Cowboys it was Brown. Week 2 against the Eagles it was Higbee. Against Washington it was Henderson and the defense. Against the Bears it was the defense plus Hekker. So like the Rams showing they have so many tools in their tool belt to win that for you its always the same thing. The opponent isnt really that good to begin with. Lets call a spade a spade. The Rams beat the breaks off of the Pats who just won 4 out of their last 5 including a 45-0 beat down over the Chargers in the same stadium. Thats who the Rams just dominated. The Rams made the Pats look that bad because the Pats didnt look that bad against the Seahawks, Cards, Bills, Ravens, Raiders, Dolphins, or Chargers. They just look that bad against the Rams. Rams made them look like the weakest team on their schedule. 


21 hours ago, MDY10 said:

I do agree, but they aren’t a Team to take lightly. Obviously half the team opted out before the season and I think what they’ve done with what they have is REALLY impressive. I don’t think anyone on here is thinking we just beat a playoff team or a contender.. but it was a game we should have dominated and did. Rams fans deserved a little extra celebration for this one after not beating them since 01. They tend to play well against good teams and play bad vs bad teams this year. BB can still make teams look foolish and simply out coach them. We didn’t beat the chiefs.. but we did what we had to do. I think most of us knew we should destroy them and predicted closer scores because of BB and BB only. 


Yes i was disappointed by that and yes i agree the defense made the game looks easy as there were stopping the run and the coverage looked well against subpar WR. 

I really don't mind if we can win only by running the ball but this won't always be the case.

And i wanted to see this defense testing Goff and to see if he would have handle the zero blitz well.

That's why i was disapointed by this game but i take the win : )

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