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Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs (11-1) @ Miami Dolphins (8-4)

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2 hours ago, TheKillerNacho said:

Don't know if it was his shoulder or forearm but yeah, probably won't be seeing him until next season. If it's shoulder, it may be a dislocation and most likely would require surgery to repair tendons and ligaments. I've had multiple shoulder dislocations in the past and they are extremely painful. Without surgery, he could probably come back if we're in the playoffs but its probably 5x more likely for re-injury and I can't see the team doctors risking it, so surgery is a no-brainer. If its indeed an injured shoulder. 

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Anyone who still thinks there is a question about Tua being the QBOTF after yesterday is an idiot.  He had the #4 and #5 RBs sharing the backfield with him.  He was throwing to #5 WRs.  His rookie Olinemen were inconsistent as hell.  Yet that MFer stayed calm, cool, and collected as he engineered a near-4th quarter comeback against the best team in football.  The big improvement I'm starting to see with Tua is his willingness to throw into coverage now and give his receiver a chance to win the battle.  For the first few weeks, he wasn't doing that.  He did it several times yesterday and the only pick he threw was due to a drop by Grant.  He had another jump ball to Parker in the end zone that was dropped.  He threw into tight coverage for the long TD to Gesicki.  Just a really fantastic development that we are seeing with him right now.

For as crappy as it was watching Jakeem Grant and Mack Hollins make multiple drops each, I have to say that Lynn Bowden was impressive.  He made tough catches; was physical; and was pretty elusive after the catch. He showed a really good rapport with Tua as well.  That may have been his coming out party.  

The D was terrific against the best offense in the game, and that was without 2 starting LBs and with the #4 safety giving up a 40 yard TD to Tyreek Hill.  I continue to imagine how filthy this D would be with Micah Parsons in the middle.  

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