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CB AJ Bouye facing 6-game PED suspension

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yeah i think i just left the forum from like 2010-2012 bc it was such a shtshow. but those were the good days. crazy. lomax is right that twitter has mostly killed forums, but we have a great and smart community here. it's awesome

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5 hours ago, lomaxgrUK said:

I think 2007 was when I initially joined (my old account got deleted due to inactivity). The Jarvis Moss draft. I was in my 2nd year of university, and I remember the grief I got for turning down a drinking session with friends in the sun so I could stream day 3 of the draft. Great times. 

I think the quality of poster is better now, but definitely the volume of posts did make it more interactive. I actually think twitter has caused forums to become more inactive, but many people (like myself) are going back to forums with twitter becoming a cesspool of faceless accounts. Anyway ...

Bouye is gone. CB is one of the worst positions for players to fall off quickly the older they get. He's been injured and bang average (at best) when on the field. Speaking of which - Chris Harris is likely in the same boat. The Chargers say $9m I think by cutting him.

Agree with @broncosfan_101 - sign me up to get our young CBs out there, taking their lumps.

Oh man, the good ol days of the Jarvis Moss draft. What a time to be alive. I think 2007 is also when I joined. Think this forum continues to bring the best perspective on the Broncos/football in general. Twitter is good for certain things, but the caliber of post is awful. Arguing with people is futile.

Anyway, yes, Bouye is done. Hasn't impressed me much this year, and this all but seals the deal. Expecting a high pick to be used on CB in this upcoming draf.t

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On 12/9/2020 at 3:03 PM, germ-x said:

Will this open up Duke Dawson to reps as the nickel CB?  I liked him a lot coming out of Florida and Denver taking a flier on him sending a 7th to NE.

I think the Bassey injury already opened that door.

It will be Ojemudia and Bausby outside with Dawson, Parks, Holder, Toliver fighting it out for snaps inside

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