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Week 14 GDT - Broncos at Panthers

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3 hours ago, broncos67 said:

Strnad is a good player, he'll definitely have a role on this team. The LB play this year has been better than any of us likely could have predicted. AJ is a very solid player- no doubt about it. He'll be around. Jewell has definitely been a pleasant surprise. Happy to see he's playing at a level a lot of us were looking forward to when he was drafted.

All that said, this is a stacked LB class. TBH, it would not shock me if we take Micah Parsons if we're in a position to do so. In my opinion, he's one of the best LBs to come out in 5 years, maybe the best. He'd be a perfect fit in this defense.

This is a stacked Edge class, no question. There are gonna be real players taken in the 3rd/4th rounds because there’s just so many of them. Not a great class (from what I’ve seen) for guys who could play  inside. Moses and Surratt both have extreme flaws, Bolton did literally nothing against good OL’s, and I think Owusu-Koramoah is too small for that spot. I’ll watch Zaven Collins soon. With that in mind, if Vic wants his stud ILB, it seems like Micah Parsons or bust. 

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