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2021 KC Chiefs Opponents

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NFC East

New York Giants
Washington Whatsoevers
Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

AFC South

Division Champion (tbd)

AFC West

Denver Broncos (x2)
Las Vegas Raiders (x2)
Los Angeles Chargers (x2)

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So it will be Tennessee and Buffalo, in all likelihood


You got to expect ALL of the NFC East to improve somewhat. The AFC North I think will be less scary than recent years, and all teams are vulnerable. 


It will be a pretty tough schedule but nothing crazy

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Updated with Buffalo ...

Indianapolis still has a slim chance to clich AFC South:

IND win + TEN loss or tie OR
IND tie + TEN loss

Tennessee will be playing Houston, the Colts the Jaguars.

Quite honestly: I would not like the Chiefs to play Indianapolis in the playoffs ... bad memories.

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16 hours ago, Edge said:

Yeah i agree.

The schedule looks ok, but who knows what happens until next season. Just one wish. That Alex Smith plays with Washington against us. That would be a great story, especially if we would play him at home.

Long Live Alex

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