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2021 KC Chiefs Offseason Events

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KC Chiefs Free Agents

Unrestricted Free Agents

  • 26 Bell, Le'Veon (RB)
    21 Breeland, Bashaud (CB)
    94 Charlton, Vidauntae "Taco" (DE)
    20 Hamilton, Antonio (CB)
    67 Kilgore, Daniel (C)
    92 Kpassagnon, Tanoh (DE)
    70 Osemele, Kelechi (OG)
    57 Okafor, Alex (DE)
    64 Pennel, Mike (DT)
    62 Reiter, Austin (C)
    75 Remmers, Mike (OL)
    11 Robinson, Demarcus (WR)
    42 Sherman, Anthony (FB)
    49 Sorensen, Daniel (S)
    14 Watkins, Sammy (WR)
    54 Wilson, Damien (LB)
    61 Wisniewski, Stefen (OL)
    * potential compensatory draft pick relevance (true UFA, 3+ M$ contract)

Restricted Free Agents

  • 13 Pringle, Byron (WR)
    56 Niemann, Ben (LB)
    35 Ward, Charvarius (CB)
    31 Williams, Darrell (RB)
    77 Wylie, Andrew (OL)
    82 Yelder, Deon (TE)

Exclusive Rights Free Agents

  • 30 Brown, Alex (CB)
    48 Keizer, Nick (TE)

Transition/Franchise Players

2020 Practice Squad Players

  • 30 Baker, DeAndre (CB)
    XX Baylis, Evan (TE)
    59 Cobb, Omari (LB)
    2 Colquitt, Dustin (P)
    12 Dieter, Gehrig (WR)
    97 Edwards, Austin (DE)
    89 Ffrench, Maurice (WR)
    88 Fortson, Jody (WR)
    52 Harris, Demone (DE)
    19 Kemp, Marcus (WR)
    45 Lammons, Chris (CB)
    24 McGuire, Elijah (RB)
    8 Moore, Matt (QB)
    60 Omameh, Patrick (OG)
    19 Sharpe, Tajae (WR)
    43 Smith, Emmanuel (LB)
    XX Wanogho, Prince Tega (OT)
    68 Witzmann, Bryan (OG)

Players drafted

  • Round 1 - 
    Round 2 - 
    Round 3 - 
    Round 4A - 
    Round 4B - (compensatory selection, Kendall Fuller)
    Round 5A - 
    Round 5B - (compensatory selection, Emmanuel Ogbah)
    Round 6A - (acquired from Miami Dolphins, original Pittsburgh Steelers selection, DeAndre Washington trade)
    Round 6B - (traded to Tennessee Titans, 2020 draft, used on Thakarius "BoPete" Keyes )
    Round 7 -  (traded to Miami Dolphins, DeAndre Washington trade )

UDFA signed (preliminary - some may be just tryouts)


Tryout Players


Free Agents signed

  • XX Gordon, Anthony (QB)
    XX Callaway, Antonio (WR)
    9 Ta'amu, Jordan (QB)
    XX Williams, Chad (WR)
    * potential compensatory draft pick relevance (true UFA, 3+ M$ contract)

Contract Extensions


Players traded for


Opted Out of 2021 Season




Active/Non-Football Injury


Active/Physically Unable to Perform


Reserve PUP/Injured Reserve/Non-Football Injury


Players released/traded off




The Final Cuts


Players signed to Practice Squad




Coaches signed or promoted


Coaches released


Front Office/Staff signed or promoted


Front Office/Staff released


Other Events

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Noticed that. I think it's intentional.

The team is trying to build on a rookie contract players around a small core of elite veterans. That leaves a lot of room for players who were FA. Veach has done very well filling the roster. Reid has been very good training them up. 


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Cross checked the Spotrac and OvertheCap data concerning FA ... some questions remain:

Kemp, Darius Harris - will they be FA at all? Spotrac says yes, OTC no
Pringle . ERFA or RFA?

Anyone got a clue?

Edit: Kemp issue has been resolved with him being waived ...

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1 hour ago, KC_Guy said:

Looks like the Chiefs may get some really welcome cap relief:

Agent's Take: Expected bonus payouts for Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton and 17 other notable players - CBSSports.com

Sammy Watkins missing out on 7 M$ in incentives

So roughly, our current projected -16mil cap next year should be -9mil, right? That would help out tremendously.

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