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QB of the Future: Trey Lance

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On 12/13/2020 at 8:04 PM, jofos said:

Hard to think about QB of the future at this point. I remember when Tony Eason was our QB of the future and in all the year between then and now I have never dreaded watching the Patriots until now. Sending Cam out there again next weeks and likely the next three is not something I'm looking forward too. I would almost rather get blown out with Stidham at this point because at least we would know exactly how bleak the future is...

This was the year to get blown out too, with Fields and Lawrence coming out.  To me, the plan should have been to start Stidham all season in the hopes that he either shows real talent, or flops NE into into a really high pick.


I never understood this tendency in the NFL of bringing in caretaker QBs who have no real chance to win or now nor be a part of a rebuild.  

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