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Week 14 GDT: Ravens @ Browns - MNF @ the Factory of Sadness

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Man... the creativeness of the offensive coordination is just a dream. Roman never has such execution. It’s usually relying on Lamar to produce magic... even last season there was a lot of that. I had little idea what the Browns were trying to do on that drive. They constantly had our defense off balance with short passes, with screens, with misdirection, etc.

With Campbell in there his length could’ve probably impacted passing lanes, but the playcalling itself there was superb. They did a lot of easy throws there to get Baker involved and warmed up too vs having him try and do too much to start. That was lovely to see... if it wasn’t against our defense of course.

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They went with the same play for 2nd and 6 as 2nd and 11, not a fan of that. Also Jackson didn’t use enough time to read the defense IMO. It seemed like a designed pass thats essentially a run there and I don’t like that they did the same play there in different situations.

But good DPI.

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